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Miss Laura, South Yorkshire, North East pro and Financial Dominatrix, does not tolerate time wasters. 

Young, Addictive and innocently Sadistic, Miss Laura has a great imagination and a harsh tongue. Although beautifully sadistic and dynamic, Miss Laura has a wicked sense of humour and a firm but fair attitude to Her subs.

Miss Laura will not entertain rude or disrespectful subs and will quickly turn you away. She insists on deposits prior to meets or sessions from ALL. If you have been given a chance to serve then make sure you do so to the best of your abilities, strive for Perfection, to be Her number one...

Miss Laura is fully aware that you may be a novice or anxious about serving or contacting. The main reasons for this may be fears of the unknown or fear that your fetish will be exposed in your vanilla life. There's no need to worry, Miss Laura is a professional and will ensure you feel comfortable before starting and finishing all sessions or meets, which of course are fully confidential unless you state you'd like to share your experiences with others. 

Feel free to browse around and contact Miss Laura if you'd like to enquire about a booking or serving.